An admin bus is...well a bus that admins summon and drive into people and put them in it and destroy the station. The only way to get out of an admin bus is for the admin to release you. I have only seen one so don't expect to see many.

Sometime around 9 am on the 16th of November BlackAngelsAce the host of Yawn said he was working on a bus event that may be finished by this christmas. After a long converstation with other admins of TG servers and Yawn admins Ace released an image of the new bus that he planned.

This is a leaked image of the bus and is not certified as the offical copy.

Released 9 am on the 16th of November on a chatroom.

In 2017, A new server was born called "Adminbus central" Co-hosted by walrus23 and hosted by LuigiBoyBY. The server follows the anime plot of "Adminbus the anime (Alt title: Bee movie 2 (2019)" And their adventures across the world of Tg shittery.

TG station tweat;admin bus (ROFL)

Admin bus leaked picture