Position: Captain
General access: 5
Lab access: 5
Engine access: 5
Air Systems access: 5

The Captain is the highest ranking crew member on board the station. He has access to all systems and areas and he presides over all positions, including the AI (minus few situations). All crew members must obey all commands given to them, unless unreasonable (ex. Suicide, putting others in danger, direct or indirect). If the Captain is unable to perform his duties or is killed, the next highest ranking crew member is automatically the Captain.

The Captain has the ability to assign IDs. He can assign IDs of all ranks, including another Captain ID.

The Captain has access to the AI control upload core.

The Captain can call the shuttle in the event of an emergency.

The Captain has access to DAT FUKKEN DISK which is necessary for syndicate strike squads to activate the nuke. If the captain does not secure this properly, lynch him. As soon as the syndicate get their hands on the DAT FUKKEN DISK it is absolutely necessary to halt any Syndicate from coming in contact with the nuclear fission device. Lynch them, mass mob them, prepare medbay for major casualites, get Telescience to teleport the nuke over to science, if it halts progression of the Syndicate's mission IT IS NECESSARY! Once the Syndicate has the disk the Captain is either incompetant or dead. If he is alive, force him to arm the militia with weapons of all kinds.