DNA is the main feature of Genetics and with it you can turn a monkey into a human and vice versa.

DNA Edit

DNA is divided in three different parts - the Unique Enzymes, the Unique Identifier, and the Structural Enzymes.

Unique Identifier Edit

Every block that is above, or equal to 802, is enabled. Everything in () is either an override or a description.

Block 1 - Red hair
Block 2 - Blue Hair
Block 3 - Hair Green
Block 4 - Facial Hair Red
Block 5 - Facial Hair Blue
Block 6 - Facial Hair Green
Block 7 - Skin Tone (Higher is whiter)
Block 8 - Red Eyes
Block 9 - Blue Eyes
Block 10 - Green Eyes
Block 11 - Gender (Above 802, female)
Block 12 - Facial Hair Style (See the 'Facial Hair Styles' file)
Block 13 - Hair Style (See the 'Hair Styles' file)

Facial Hair Style Edit

Facial Hair Styles: Facial hair style is determined by the value of block 12.

Minimum Maximum Style

001 153 Clean shaven
154 2BC Elvis
2BD 41A Van Dyke
41B 578 Neckbeard
579 6D6 Chaplin
6D7 834 Watson
835 992 Abe
993 AF0 Chinstrap
AF1 C4E Hipster
C4F DAC Goatee

Hair Styles Edit

Hair Styles: Hair style is determined by the value of block 13.

Minimum Maximum Style

001 2BC Bald
2BD 4E2 Cut Hair
4E3 7D0 Long Hair
7D1 ABE Short Hair
ABF CB2 Mohawk
CB3 992 Balding

Unique Enzymes (UE) Edit

Unique Enzymes are what determins your ID. You cannot alter a person's UE directly, but you can copy their UI and UE, then paste it on another person.

This is useful if you're the traitor and you need a new ID. With this method, your voice won't give you up.

Structural Enzymes (SE) Edit

Structural Enzymes are directly responsible for the subject's (dis)abilities. They can be modified in two ways: Direct DNA Editing(Dont forget to lock the machine so the vict- subject wont accidently get out) The (dis)abilities blocks are randomized each round. There are a total of 14 blocks. Block #14 is ALWAYS responsible for target's base structure. There is also a single block that does nothing. To enable a disease, set its value to 802 or higher. To enable a superpower, set its block to the EXACT value mentioned in brackets. DNA is responsilbe for following:

Poor Vision
Hulk (DAC)
Chronic Cough
X-ray (BEA)
Fire Aura (BEA)
Telekinesis (DAC)
Block #14: Monkey if > 802, Human if < 802