Reinforced walls are tougher then normal walls, requiring more tools and actions to break through.

Breaking down a reinforced wall. Edit

To break down a reinforced wall you need: a crowbar, a pair of wirecutters, a wrench, a screwdriver, a welding tool and either a tank of welding fuel or a spare. (Because you'll run out of fuel halfway.) When initiating every action, you should get a message stating that you're starting to work. After about 10 seconds, the icon of the wall changes and you can start the next step.

  • Cut the outer rods with a pair of wirecutters. (No work message, icon changes instantly.)
  • Remove the support lines with a screwdriver.
  • Slice the metal cover with a welder.
  • Pry the cover off with a crowbar.
  • Cut the support rods with a wrench. (What? You didn't sharpen your wrench today?)
  • Remove the support rods with a welder.
  • Pry the outer sheath off with a crowbar. (You can now see through.)
  • Use screw driver (On gibbed not sure about other server's)
  • Snip Support lines with wirecutters.
  • Dismantle the girders with a wrench.

Pull away rods and metal while working to have enough space to click on. (You can't pick them up from within the wall.) In the end you should be left with 3 metal and 2 rods.

Up until you pry the outer sheet off with your crowbar, you can always fully repair the wall with a metal sheet. After that, you can fix the wall with a reinforced sheet until you break it down completely with the last step.

Making a reinforced wall. Edit

  • Construct a partial wall using a metal plate or cut a metal plate from a wall to turn it into a partial wall.
  • Use a reinforced sheet on the partial wall and wait until the icon changes. (20 seconds)
  • Use the reinforced sheet on the partial reinforced wall again. (Icon changes instantly.)

You can make a reinforced false wall instead of a false wall by covering girders with a reinforced sheet instead of a metal plate.